Creative Metasynthesis

We seek true nature.

With this lens we ponder type theory wondering if this theory unlocks a powerful understanding that underpins a new way of thinking, a new consciousness.

One that is emergent, not reductive as higher levels of abstraction opens the door to new meaning.

Leaving us to ponder the original meaning of 'Creativity' put forth by Whitehead, one of the 'three ultimates', the other two being 'God' and the 'World'.

Russell first proposed the theory of type and then asked Whitehead to help him expand upon it, leading to _Principia Mathematica_, a seminal set of books on mathematical theory.

Type theory that underpinned Church's lambda calculus. Lambda calculus that underpinned Lisp. Lisp that underpinned Smalltalk. Smalltalk that underpinned Agile.

Agile which has Learning Cycles of Epistemic Foraging in which there is surprise that leads to new patterns of meaning in a Metanoietic Consciousness.

Emergence of meaning from abstractions to _greater wholes_, not reductions to _lesser parts_. Abstractive vs. reductive – the difference between the Agile Mindset and the Cartesian Mindset understood in a new way.

We ponder, then, how it is that order and meaning – wholeness – emerges from this process of creative metasynthesis. Perhaps this synthesis illuminates what Whitehead sought in the term 'creativity', one that emerges from increasing levels of abstraction that can be understood with fresh eyes from the context of type theory.

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