Crafting Wholeness

"Just a programmer," Ward tells me. "I am just a programmer."

In that humility lies the power to transform.

While the agile movement was taken over by consultants and built into an industry, Ward was satisfied to to let go of that which he help launch and just be a programmer. Not a consultant, not a strategist – just a programmer.

A programmer led by his curiosity and intrigued by how he might walk, once again, into the unknown.

As a programmer, he has the liberty to be a learner, not burdened by the expectations of being an expert – and to find the next edge to push on.

It is as a learner that the fed wiki emerged. A writing platform designed to provide the experience of programming in Smalltalk, where relationships become spatial, allowing new patterns of meaning to emerge.

What has been birthed from his explorations is the first true hypertext authoring environment – one that is object-oriented at its core. Where it is not the objects, but the emergent patterns of relationships in the white space, The Space Between Kay called "ma" – unleashing new creative possibilities.

Possibilities that begin with the commitment to craft that which is beautiful, that which is whole. Day after day, crafting wholeness. Wholeness that is good. Wholeness that might delight – one that opens the door to a greater emergent wholeness that might manifest and transform.

At the end of the day, perhaps our greatest calling is simply to be crafters. Be that a programmer, a writer, or a school principal. But together, by crafting well, we have the potential to transform.

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