Collective Poiesis

In Aristotle's trivium of human potential, there is _theoria_, _praxis_ and _poiesis_. We might translate these Latin words to imagination, process and creativity.

We have recognized that to understand the potential of the wiki, one must feel both individual creativity emerging but also to experience collective creativity – something we call _collective poiesis_.

The faster one can experience collective poiesis, the faster one becomes committed to following a path of deeper exploration of one's own thoughts through a wiki.

It's a dopamine rush that is addictive.

Not all dopamine rushes are the same. Some, like those from social media, are empty calories like sugar that leave us feeling depleted.

We wonder if the distinction between the two has to do with our primordial commissioning as Meaning Makers. Rushes that leave us with greater understanding and deeper meaning – wiser – are those that leave us feeling more whole. Those that do not, hollow us out.

We sense this distinction is important. When we create, particularly with others, our soul feels fed.