Clustered Learning

I think Ward is onto something with In & Out Retrospective.

Particularly when he states: >We assume some sort of efficiency will be achieved if we assemble a group to sit quietly while the most informed among us explains. But when the knowing is elusive and the context vast then a sequence of small group conversations might surface more insight and find that insight better articulated than a traditional meeting.

I am coining the term "clustered learning" as a juxtaposition to "structured learning" that would be found in a traditional meeting.

He references the In & Out Demo model that was developed in Dayton. I also wonder if there are some elements of the 3x3 Reflection that might also be of value.

The process of listening helps the one who is sharing to find meaning in their experience.

If you have a traditional meeting, there are limited opportunities for each participant to learn from their own experience. There are few opportunities for each to share, and fewer for each to have a regressive exploration into their own experience so to be able to find its deeper meaning.

What might happen, then, if there were small clusters of learning where each team member was helped to "peel the onion" of their own experience? Explorations that allowed each to derive meaning that could then be woven together by the larger group?

Perhaps there is potential opportunity for an experiment.

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