Another Emergence

It is now time to explore emergence once again. The book is done – one that emerged over the last two years. The experiment in Dayton is done, one that emerged over five years.

Where the process of emergence in these two experiments random flukes or might there be model for future emergence that has broader implication?

We wrote a preliminary pattern language for the Dayton experiment in the hope that there might be a replicable framework. But I have not done the for the second experiment – that of making a book, something we now recognize as Containers of Meaning. Perhaps I should explore that possibility.

Intention is critical as one enters into the unknown. I often call that a Guiding Intention for it sits deeply within in our belly, the sacral region of our body.

As we enter into this white space of the unknown, we begin to find surprise. We name that surprise and explore its essence – forming a named concept. As we do we begin to notice that these concepts begin to form relationships with others, that we note by linking them together. As those linked ideas in a Walled Nursery continue to emerge, patterns begin to emerge from which we define a higher understanding, a meta-understanding.

Once that meta-understanding feels substantial, it begins to take form into something that can be shared with others, and a book takes shape.

It is with this intention to create a pattern language for writing and to then live that language into a new book, that I once again embark. Much in the same spirit that Jami is embarking, once again, on the journey of cultural transformation using the pattern language developed in _The Dayton Experiment_.

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